We are a Promise Place!

Middle Earth is designated a “Promise Place” by America’s Promise, The Alliance for Youth.

The Foundation, which was founded in 1997 by General Colin Powell, raises awareness, encourages action and engages in advocacy to provide children the key supports they call the Five Promises:

(1) caring adults;
(2) safe places and constructive use of time;
(3) healthy start and healthy development;
(4) effective education for marketable skills and lifelong learning; and
(5) opportunities to make a difference through helping others.

America’s Promise discovered that children who receive at least four of the Five Promises are much more likely than those who experience only one or zero Promises to succeed academically, socially and civically. They are more likely to avoid violence, contribute to their communities and achieve high grades in school. Receiving at least four of the Five Promises also appears to mitigate gaps across racial and economic boundaries. Unfortunately, 20% of American youth receive only one or none of these promises, which greatly impacts their ability to lead a healthy and productive life.

Middle Earth’s programs incorporate all five of these resources to ensure that all young people are ready for life, whether life’s next step is college or work. We are thrilled to be chosen as a Promise Place.