Kind Words

“As society gets more complex and negative pressures mount on our youth, it is imperative that we meet these challenges. Middle Earth has been leading that charge by creating opportunity, providing an outlet for youth that have challenges in their lives, and enabling youth to gain a foothold to set them back in the right direction.

Mayor Brian Gallagher and
Councilman Rob Wilson


"Middle Earth is a caring network that helps kids make the right decisions that will ensure their well-being and lead them to succeed. When I was a teenager, everyone at Middle Earth inspired me to do better. They believed in my potential. For many of us they became our conscience. Middle Earth is a huge part of who I am today."

- S.M., a former Middle Earth youth from the 1980s, now a college-educated woman


"Middle Earth’s Bike Shop taught my son responsibility and accountability, volunteering at the 4-H Fair developed his leadership, and the Art House inspired him to pursue drama. These programs have opened up so many possibilities for Dylan and his future! The other children that attended the program were wonderful. I cannot say enough good things about the staff - very genuine and caring people."

- Christine Bator, a parent of a Middle Earth youth

“Middle Earth is what it is today because of the wonderful people who work so hard day and night providing help and support to the youth of Somerset County. I have no idea what path my life would have taken but I am sure that having Middle Earth as an option to me was a blessing.”

- M.M., a former Middle Earth youth from the 1980s and former Middle Earth board member in the last few years

"This panel recognizes that the youth of our community are served well by the staff of Middle Earth and the physical presence of the youth centers as a place for them to obtain the support they may not find anywhere else in their lives."

- United Way Review Panel