Feature Story

Dreams Come True to Create Bright Futures for Our Youth


Anna, an 18 year old living in Somerset County, had never held a job due to debilitating anxiety and learning disabilities. She had no workplace skills to make her marketable to an employer. She was out of school, unemployed, and had no idea how to support herself. Anna was enrolled in our VISIONS program, which provides at-risk youth with work readiness training and an internship.

Anna initially struggled in the program because of her lack of work experience and comprehension skills. While working with staff, however, she showed huge improvements in a short amount of time. The environment is what helped her the most. Anna was very nervous and fearful and had a hard time committing to anything at first. Once she discovered that she could feel safe with the staff and could ask any questions about the workforce, Anna came out of her shell.

Through your support, the VISIONS program helped Anna learn how to write a resume, interview, and behave properly in a workplace. The program built her confidence.

Because Anna is an animal lover and has a dream to become a vet tech, Middle Earth staff arranged for an internship for her at a veterinary clinic near her home. She loved it! When the internship was complete, Anna was offered a job to work there part time and accepted. Her supervisor called her "a pleasure" and noted that "she fit in perfectly right away." Anna is cleaning, feeding and brushing the animals, as well as helping with facility maintenance.